About Us


Since 2010, Jason Hugh has been helping people in the GTA navigate the complexities of the homebuying and coupling it with a long term plan to fit your financial needs. While developing this process, he decided that there are 4 S’s to focus on for every home buying experience. Homebuying should be, Smart, Simple, Service and Savings!

pexels-photoBy offering both real estate and mortgage financing services to clients, we can teach you and walk you through the whole homebuying process from start to finish. The result, is a home that best fits your needs, combined with a mortgage that suits your long term home plan. All without having to go back and forth between multiple people. And because that save us time, we believe you should save too! All of our clients that work with us for both their mortgage and real estate receive 10 basis points (0.10% off of our mortgage rates). Hugh Property works to make your home buying needs, Smart and Simple, with great Service and keeping the Savings in your pocket!

Our blog, ‘Knowledge for Success’ was created because we enjoy educating and teaching. We firmly believe that the more you know, the better decisions you can make. So if you ever have any questions, or would like us to cover a specific topic on our articles, let us know!